We Tried Glossier's First-Ever Mascara

18 months, 248 iterations, and a trip to Tokyo: That's what it took for Glossier to create its first-ever mascara, Lash Slick ($16). But because it's Glossier, don't expect a thick, inky, spider-lash formula-it's more like a hyper-lash tint meant to lift and curl the lashes, while also utilizing Japanese fiber technology to deposit teeny-tiny curved fibers onto the tips-like mini extensions. It's your lashes, reimagined: Vegan biotin conditions the lashes to make them softer and more lush over time, and the lightweight, high-shine pigment darkens and lengthens lashes to make it look as though your natural flutters are doe-like on their own. A press release from the brand says it best: "Expect to hear a lot more 'your lashes look good' and less 'what mascara are you wearing?'"

Since any and all Glossier launches send Byrdie HQ into a frenzy, a few of us decided to dive into the Millennial Pink tube and see what Lash Slick was all about. Our honest thoughts are below.


Hallie Gould, senior editor


My first thought, of course, was "adorable packaging." Glossier's mascara comes in a minimalistic, blush-colored tube with the brand's signature font printed across the side. Then I thought, "good brush," as I slid the wand out. It has a plastic brush (great for separation and length) and one of those tight tubes that allows the opening to remove any excess product. Immediately, I realized this mascara was going to be meant for a natural daytime look (and the press release confirmed my suspicions). So, as I swiped it on, I was pleased with the soft, barely there formula that was also pretty buildable. To be transparent, I have long lashes to begin with, so I was happy with the separation factor, but I certainly missed any added volume. I'd say this mascara is great for those with naturally thick lashes who want a bit of extra oomph, but if you're craving a big, bold look-opt for an offering with a thicker bristled brush.

Maya Allen, assistant editor


There are only a few things I file under "hate" and one of them is clumpy mascara. I know, there's a lot of other things I can hate in the world, and this might sound like a champagne problem, but I'm speaking my truth. Any formula that doesn't deliver smudge is good in my book. And this one definitely doesn't, so I'm thoroughly impressed by its flake-free formula. I'm admittedly extra when it comes to my lashes and live for a falsie effect on any given day. This mascara is a bit more toned-down. After a generous amount of coats, I got the voluminous look I love. If you're into that I'm wearing mascara, but I don't want you to know I'm wearing mascara look, then this is a great option. Sometimes I want to look naturally beautiful with a little assistance from my friends (aka beauty products), so I'll reach for this guy. I'm also into the way it lifted my lashes. So far I don't see any fallout, so this is staying close by.

Lindsey Metrus, managing editor


I'll admit it: My natural lashes are pretty pathetic. They're short, they're blonde, and they need a forklift to get them to curve upward. Thankfully, I've found some great mini forklift mascaras that make me look like I've actually got hairs growing out of my lids, but these formulas are typically thick and inky, which I understood to be the exact opposite of Lash Slick.

I went into my test-drive with low expectations-I need a heavy-duty mascara, and the product description certainly wasn't that. However, I appreciated how much the narrow silicone brush grabbed onto each and every lash. I noticed length and tint right away, but, as expected, as far as the ultra-volume I adore, that was absent. But I'm the type of person who wears a bit of makeup to the gym or to run to the grocery store (it makes me feel confident, okay?), so I'm excited to have found something I can swipe on quickly for a bit of enhancement without looking too overdone.

Final thoughts: We love the packaging (duh), the quality of the brush, and the lengthening power of Lash Slick to enhance our natural flutters, but being the makeup lovers that we are, we'll probably stick to our usual mascaras for our day-to-day mega-volume looks.