This "Glass Skin" Serum Is the First Launch of Peach & Lily's New Skincare Line

Ever since esthetician Alicia Yoon launched her K-Beauty e-boutique Peach & Lily seven years ago, it has become a go-to retailer for skincare aficionados looking for the latest and greatest from Korea-based beauty brands like Mizon, Shangpree, and Aromatica. Consumers trust the site's masterful curation of goods, but the brand had yet to create its own in-house line-that is, until this week. On Thursday, Peach & Lily posted a series of three Instagram videos announcing the launch of its very own skincare brand. "We've been quietly developing this dreamy line for you for two years," the brand wrote in its caption. "We set out to create a skincare line that gives you everything: proven results, clean and safe formulas, fresh ingredients, decadent textures. Results, delight, and safety."

Peach & Lily

The first release will be the Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum ($39), a product aimed at giving users of all skin types that much-desired dewy "glass skin" effect. The reasonably priced serum is reportedly fast-absorbing and fragrance-free with a lightweight gel consistency, and its formula offers "a revolutionary cocktail of peach extract, niacinamide, East Asian mountain yam, madecassoside, peptides, and hyaluronic acid help to hydrate, calm, brighten, and firm skin."

Peach & Lily

The product packaging remains a secret for now, as does the rest of the Peach & Lily collection, which will launch later this summer. The Glass Skin Refining Serum became available for preorder (it ships in June) after the announcement on Thursday, though preorders sold out within a single hour-proof of how enthusiastic consumers are about the launch. The brand is hastily working with its labs on a restock.

Peach & Lily

In the meantime, Yoon announced on her personal Instagram story that she'll be sharing behind-the-scenes secrets of how the whole skincare line was created over the next month. "Because you deserve to know what goes into your products," she wrote.

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