3-Minute Read: When to See a Doc for Your Hormonal Acne

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An ob-gyn can help you get directly to the root of the issue by addressing your hormones-and if your breakouts are particularly persistent, she might recommend taking birth control pills (or switching to another kind) to help clear things up. "They decrease the amount of testosterone in your body and that leads to less outbreaks," explains gynecologist Eduardo Lara-Torre to Teen Vogue. Not all birth controls decrease testosterone, so your doctor can help you figure out the best option.

Not so in love with the idea of taking birth control for clearer skin? There are always more low-key hormonal acne remedies first before dialing up your doc.

We've been talking about Rihanna's new beauty collectionВ sinceВ before it was even official-which was,В ahem, well over a year ago. Finally, some concrete news: According to a press release we received yesterday, you'll be able to shop the line in just over a month, when it launches on September 8. (We'll keep you posted on the details.)

Starting later this month, you'll be able to nab some of the brand's cult-loved "dust" (adaptogenic herbal blends) at your local Sephora. It's all part of founder Amanda Chantal Bacon's master plan to bring this niche side of wellness to the masses-and needless to say, it's working.

For boosting circulation and lymph flow (as well as buffing away dead skin cells), we happen to love the ritual of dry brushing.

While gathering in Costa Rica for a 10-year reunion, members of the 2007 class of Florida A&M University's Delta Sigma Theta posed for an amazing series of photos in nude bathing suits-which they ultimately titled Melanin Illustrated. The internet collectively exploded in virtual applause.

And that reaction alone is quite telling. "We had no idea this would go viral," Delta Sigma Theta sister Jardan Doneghy told Glamour. "But the fact that it did is proof that it's uncommon to see such a large group of real women-mothers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, and educated Black women-saying, 'This is what beauty is.'"

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