Watch: How to Create a Cool-Girl Undone Chignon in Less Than One Minute

I've always wanted to be the type of girl who simply throws her hair onВ theВ top of her head, leaving it messy but somehow flawless. Spoiler: I'm not. Still, I don't easily back down from a challenge. I've spent hours studying celebrities like Emma Watson and Chrissy Teigen, taking note of their enviable hair. It's always neatly tucked away, yet, still undone and soft. I'm embarrassed to admit I'veВ yet to pull it off.

Luckily, Byrdie HQ is filled withВ products and editors who are willing to figure it out. Below, find the easiest and quickest (40 seconds, to be exact) way to twist up your strands into that covetable cool-girl bun.В You can wear it to work, out at night, and all afternoon on a sleepy Sunday. It's totally foolproof.В