This Skincare Brand Just Took a Huge Stand Against Photoshopping-See the Photos

We all know that the images we see plastered across magazines aren't exactly real in the true definition of the word. They're usually altered in some way, shape, or form. Skin is smoothed out here, waists are cinched in there, and the resulting picture looks different than the original. That's clearly an issue since it becomes society's new standard for beauty. When these beauty standards are exclusive and narrowly defined, they're unachievable-even dangerous.

One luxury skincare company, Babor, is trying to change that with its new collaboration. The brand is partnering with the All Womxn Project, a foundation that promotes body positivity and confidence in women everywhere. It also strives to put an end to photoshopping. It's the first North American collaboration in Babor's 61 years of existence, and the campaign imagery has just been released. The photos are completely un-retouched and completely stunning.


All Womxn Project is a nonprofit foundationВ that organizes events, workshops, and meetings throughout different community institutions, including schools, to teach girls about body positivity and give them role models to look up to. The foundation also works on a variety of campaigns, providing diverse and inclusive casting and ensuring that none of the resulting images are retouched or photoshopped. It's cool, to say the least.

"At the heart of the AWP/Babor partnership, which kicks off in time for fashion month, is a stunning creative campaign featuring a diverse group of inspiring women, including models, activists, mothers, designers, editors, and more. These women showcase a diverse range of beauty that is not retouched or photoshopped,” says Benjamin Simpson, SVP of marketing at Babor, in a press release. "This campaign utilizes beautiful visuals that capture empowerment, strength, inclusivity, imperfections, and true beauty while provoking an important conversation that is at the forefront not just of the beauty and fashion world but within every part of a woman's life today."


To celebrate and support the collab, the brand released a limited-edition Beauty Ampoule Set. It contains seven "beauty boosters," or concentrated serums, that are sealed in single-use capsules. There are four Hydra Plus Fluid capsules, which work to rehydrate dry and dull skin with hyaluronic acid and plant-based moisturizers. The other three capsules are Active Night Fluids, which restore and rejuvenate skin overnight with black willow bark, black algae, and black truffle.

The best part is that 50% of the sales from the Ampoule Set will be donated to All Womxn Project, so the foundation can keep doing all the good things they're doing. We're happy to celebrate real, inclusive, and representative beauty, and we're happy that brands like this one are backing it as well. After all, leaving the campaign imagery un-retouched doesn't detract from its beauty at all. In fact, it adds to it since it's beauty that gives back.