My Shower, Hair, and Makeup Routine for a Night Out, by Olivia Culpo

As lovers of all things beauty-related, from hair and makeup to food and fitness, we are thrilled to announce our newest Byrdie contributor, Olivia Culpo. The former Miss USA andВ Miss Universe (no biggie) is, literally, a beauty queen-and a Byrdie girl through and through. From her genuine adoration for the art of makeup to her quest to find the healthiest alternatives for decadent desserts, Culpo is a wealth of knowledge on all of the topics we love to cover here at Byrdie. A few things to know about the classic beauty: She is passionate about natural skincare, fitness, and diet. She's a pro in the kitchen and loves creating crazy-good treats you don't have to feel guilty about (like low-cal brownie popsicles and apple pie oatmeal). Then there are her brows, which pretty much deserve their own celeb column. Thankfully, she'll be sharing all these secrets and more in her monthly column. First up: her shower, hair, and makeup routine for a night on the town.В Keep reading to find out how she gets ready to go out!

Hi, Byrdie beauties! I am over-the-top excited to start sharing my beauty secrets with you here. I love to do my own makeup for a night out it. It's my favoriteВ thing to do. I always like doing other people's makeup and hair, too. I'm just such a girl's girl, and I'm also a traveling beauty store. I have every product. My friends come over and they tell me they think they're at Sephora.

Today I'm talking about my SHM routine (otherwise known as my shower, hair, and makeup routine) for a night out! Keep scrolling to read all about it.В

Pictured: Oribe Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine ($46) and Conditioner for Magnificent Volume ($39)


In the shower, I use Oribe on my hair. For shampoo I use the shine line, and for conditioner I use the volume line.В

Pictured: Spectrum Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil and Venus five-blade razor

I usually shave with coconut oil in the shower. I also always have to have really nice body soap because I love smelling good. I switch up which body soap I use. I really like Chanel Chance; that is what I use as perfume. I don't really like to use perfumy body wash because of the chemicals, but that's what I gravitate toward when I really want to indulge. The scent is amazing. Then when I get out of the shower, I usually moisturize with coconut oil, and I will start with my hair before makeup.В

Suzanne Teresa Photography


These days, usually I let my hair air-dry or just blow-dry it lightly on the ends, and then I'll walk around a lot until it dries. Next I'll start my face while my hair kind of naturally dries. I cut it short recently, and it's so much more low-maintenance.

Suzanne Teresa Photography


For getting ready to put your makeup on, first you have to start off with an amazing moisturizer. Then I'll do skin coverage (tinted moisturizer) and then my eyes. I'm always really light on eye shadows. Sometimes I don't even wear eye shadows. The most important thing for me is clean skin. So I keep it light, and usually I use tinted moisturizer to go out. I don't even use foundation. So that's my go-to. I think that if there is one thing that I gravitate toward as my beauty must-have, it would be a tinted moisturizer. Everything else, like brows, lashes, and lips, would come second for me. I just like clean skin. After skin and eyes, I'll maybe apply a little bronzer and highlighter, and finish off with the lips.В

Pictured: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream ($100), Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint ($26), and HomeHealth Natural Vitamin E Oil 9000 IU

Specific product-wise, I start with Charlotte Tilbury's face cream as the moisturizer base to my makeup. This is what I use at night before going out because it's heavier, but during the day I use Murad, because it has a good day SPF face cream. Sometimes, I also use vitamin E oil with the moisturizer. Then I apply Glossier's skin perfecting tint.В

Pictured: Charlotte Tilbury The Classic Eye Power Pencil ($22) in Audrey and Full Fat lashes 5-Star Mascara ($29) in black, Revlon eyelash curler, and Anastasia Brow Wiz ($21) pencil in Soft Brown

Next, I'll comb my eyebrows, because if I don't, they are just crazy. But as long as I remember to do that, I am fine. If I remember, I fill them in with my Anastasia pencil (but I mostly save my brow grooming for the daytime). The other major thing for me is curling my eyelashes. If I don't curl my eyelashes, I might as well not even put on mascara, because they're long and if I don't curl them up, they will get stuck to the bottom or just look… bad. After curling, I apply mascara-I like Charlotte Tilbury's Full Fat lashes. I am really into her products lately. I love everything from her line. So she is my current makeup crush. She's amazing.В

I typically don't wear eyeliner, but when I do, I'll wear a brown; I've been using Charlotte's smoky brown.

Pictured: Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight ($68), Jouer Hydrating Lipstick in Olivia ($22), and Marc Jacobs Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder ($49)

For bronzer, I actually just got this palette from Marc Jacobs that's really cool. It's powder but it's a translucent powder on one end and then a bronzer on the other side, so it's a dual compact kind of thing. I really like that. My other product from Charlotte that's a must-have is her bronzing and highlighting duo palette. I use her highlighter, and I've been kind of stuck on the Marc Jacobs bronzer, so I kind of combine those two, using the MJ bronzer from his dual compact, and the CT highlighter from her dual compact.

Lastly, on my lips I use my favorite color by Jouer, and it's called Olivia. They didn't plan that. It just happens to be named that, and I love it. It's like a peachy pink that I just love. It's such a pretty color. And that's my look! Next up, I'll share how I take my makeup off at the end of the night, and my overall nighttime and morning skincare routines.В

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