This Is How to Do a Filling, Healthy Dinner Like a Top Model

Come dinner time, eating like a model is always at the forefront of my mind-you know, "lean and clean," as they say. Scrolling through Instagram, I'm constantly met with a bevy of statuesque runway crusaders and their photogenic vegetables and protein and vow to make good decisions for my forthcoming meals-cut to me elbows-deep in a Philly cheesesteak and on a first-name basis with the delivery guy, and it's evident that dreams and reality are often two different things.

When it sets in that my food choices turn my body into 90% grease and guilt, IВ think back to eating lean and clean-sure, models areВ paid to look amazing and have to maintain their figures, but why not look at my own body as my lifeblood? After all, my health should be my number one priority, and keeping it in prime conditionВ is my job (as a human). Since dinnertime often falls in line with being lazyВ and apt to order in, I thought I'd gather some meal inspiration from a few beautiful women who have this healthy eating thing down to a science. Below, take a look at top models' favorite supper options.

Miranda Kerr

Kerr is a stickler forВ naturalВ foods and vows to stay away from "anything that's genetically modified or not farmed ethically," she tellsВ StyleCaster. As a result, one of her favorite dinners isВ roast chicken and vegetables and a glass of organic wine. When you throw "organic" in front of alcohol, it makes it seem so much more forgiving, doesn't it?

Stella Maxwell

In an exclusive interview,В the Victoria's Secret model told us that for her, moderation is key and that she doesn't cut out any one food group entirely. She keeps lunch and dinner relatively similar, opting for a protein and a green-think fish and spinach-each meal.

Josephine Skriver

In that same interview, Skriver told us eerily similar sentiments-no depriving herselfВ of food groups, just moderation. Her go-to meals generally consist of a protein, a vegetable, and a grain, like chicken, spinach, and brown rice.

Chrissy Teigen

Narrowing down what Chrissy Teigen eats in a day isn't rocket science-the model andВ cookbook author's InstagramВ practically serves as her food diary. But she did dive into the logistics behind her meals a bit more with DelishВ recently, explaining that dinner is her biggest meal of the day.

"It's funny, I start every day attempting to be healthy, but then dinner is when I always mess up," she laments. "By then I'm feeling deprived, so when I finally get home around 11 o'clock, I end up eating a heavy dinner. I don't like food on the go and I don't do snacks-I need meal meals. I end up waiting until the time I'm sitting at home in front of the T.V. It's always pretty hearty-I love a big rib-eye. If I have a salad or something lighter for dinner, I wake up around 2 a.m. and go candy crazy. So I need to find that balance-still working on it!"

When she's not eating steak, Teigen is also often found Snapping herself making a rack of lamb, whole herbed branzino, or tomatoВ soupВ (she's dubbed herself the Soup Master) for dinner.

Joan Smalls

Not a huge fan of vegetables at all, Smalls got candid with Vogue, telling them that she loves Latin food and that it's always "rice, beans, and a lot of meat." To make up for her love of heavy foods and aversion to greens, she works out longer at the gym and eats smaller portions.

Ashley Graham

Graham revealed her (very healthy) food diary to StyleCaster-though she may have mentioned that mac and cheese is her kryptonite-and we learned that salmon, arugula salad, and sweet potato is one of her go-to dinner dishes.

Candice Swanepoel

Swanepoel has a food philosophyВ we can learn to live by: "I eat whatever I want, but to me, it needs to be healthy-I always think about what sort of vitamins are in the food and what it's giving my body." For dinner, she loves steak, grilled salmon, and "anything teriyaki."

What's your go-to dinner? Please share with us in the comments!