I Own Hundreds of Beauty Products-Here's How I Organize Them

Amassing a sizable collection of beauty products is something that comes with the territory, as I write about beauty for a living. While I do my best to audit my trove, I still accumulate a massive lineup of makeup, haircare, skincare products, and the like.

I recently moved, and while my new bathroom is about three times the size of my old one, it has less than a third of the storage space. With no medicine cabinet and only a shallow under-the-sink drawer (just large enough to accommodate a toothbrush and the bare necessities), I knew that storing my beauty products would be a conundrum.

My boyfriend (who was even more concerned about where all my beauty products would go) and I purchased and installed an Ikea bathroom vanity, which provides us with two additional drawers to work with. Still, it's a tight squeeze. As such, I had to learn a few tricks for maximizing storage, while also keeping everything tidy and practical. Below are my biggest takeaways for organizing beauty products, plus the bathroom organizers to get the job done.

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Divide and conquer

This tip is hardly groundbreaking, but I'm including it anyway. For items like brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, and small accessories, invest in acrylic organizers with dividers. This will ensure that all of your knick-knacks can be maintained in a systematic order, and keep brushes from getting smashed or disheveled in a jumble of stuff. Despite my hoarding tendencies in the beauty category, when it comes to the aesthetic of my home, I am a minimalist. So, even though acrylic organizers are intended for display, I keep all of mine in drawers so that my countertops stay clean and clutter-free.

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Take a cue from Marie Kondo

I'm an enormous fan of the KonMari method-especially the practice of folding. I take great joy in folding all of my clothes exactly as Marie Kondo advises (they stand up), and you can see every piece when they're placed side by side in a drawer.

I use this same strategy with my makeup palettes. Rather than stack them (and have no idea how deep I'll have to dig to find the one I'm looking for), I situate them upright (like Kondo does shirts and jeans) so I can see everything at once. It expedites the process of finding things and looks clean and sleek.

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Go vertical

I don't let any drawer space go to waste, so I buy modular bins that stack onto one another. I categorize the products, then keep the most-used category on top for easy accessibility. For example, in the stack above, my tanning products (which I only use before vacations or weddings) are in the large bottom bin, whereas one of the top bins houses face masks (which I use once or twice a week). The other bin, which isn't pictured, houses skincare products for breakouts (which I turn to less often than masks but more often than I go on vacations or to weddings).

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Put it on display

Despite what I said earlier about minimalism, not all of your products have to be hidden away for your bathroom not to look cluttered. For items that you constantly reach for, or could prove messy if tucked away in a drawer (like lotions, oils, and bath salts), keep them in organized bins or baskets that complement the rest of the space.

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Have a storage solution as backup

If you're a true beauty hoarder and your products are still overflowing, one, do an audit and streamline your collection. Two, invest in a train case. I use my train case to hold any duplicate products (when I stock up during sales) or makeup I only bring out on rare occasion (reserving my under-the-sink drawer for everyday makeup and skincare only). I keep it out of sight in my closet and only bring it out when I need something-though I like to imagine it might come in handy if I ever go on some months-long excursion and carryon baggage restrictions weren't an issue.

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Now that your bathroom storage is set, here's how to Marie Kondo your makeup bag.