9 Inevitable Beauty Problems That Happen in a New Relationship

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The beginning of a relationship feels like a dream-sped-up moments played to a soundtrack of "We Found Love" and "This Strange Effect." Everything is scary but beautiful and every gaze filled with butterflies and adrenaline. So much so that it can knock even the most devout beauty girl off her regimented course. We'll sleep in our makeup to wake up with smudged liner and use our partner's face wash in lieu of our prized cleansing balm. We'll forgo masking for making out until our lips are chapped and our skin is sallow.

However, there are solutions that can help even the most lovestruck individuals get back on track. You can have your fun and take care of yourself too. Because we've all been there, I reached out to other beauty fanatics at Byrdie HQ to hear their starry-eyed stories and the surprising (and often hilarious) effects that falling in love has on their beauty routines. Turn on some romantic tunes and keep scrolling.

1. Breakouts

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17Shop

Why: "Once you've dated for a while, you'll admit that falling asleep with your head on your partner's chest is a sweaty, sticky mess. For now, though, I have whiteheads on each of my temples from prolonged skin-to-skin contact." - Kate Winick, social media manager at CMG

The solution: Opt for a spot treatment. (This cult favorite is a blend of calamine, salicylic acid, and other quick-acting ingredients.) You can sneak it on after your S.O. goes to sleep and revel in the skin-healing benefits overnight. Or, if you have an office like ours, wear it all day at your computer.

2. Dark Circles

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Why:В "We are staying up until 1 a.m. talking about all our darkest secrets, and that's awesome, but SLEEP." - Kate Winick

The solution: Take a night off. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. However, you can also invest in cooling, hydrating eye patches that employ the use of potent plankton extracts and hyaluronic acid to soothe puffiness and moisturize the thin skin under your eyes.

3. Empties

Kevin.Murphy Repair Me Wash $40Shop

Why:В "The beginning of a relationship means the mysterious disappearance of all my fancy cleansers and shampoos. Lover or thief?" - Amanda Montell, associate features editor at Byrdie

The solution: Stock up on your favorite products (this one has green tea protein and bamboo leaf extract to nourish and increase shine) and hide them-seriously. Leave out a generic-brand face wash and hope the thievery subsides.

4. Bloating

Nature's Bounty Turmeric $10Shop

Why: "Ordering dessert is sexy, but all this rich food is kind of killing me-not to mention I am definitely sleeping through all my morning workouts because… cuddles." - Kate Winick

The solution: Take a turmeric pill each morning to help with bloating and puffiness. The natural ingredient has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Dull Skin

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial $80Shop

Why:В "Consuming red wine by the gallon really isn't doing anything for my complexion. How do we make water a sultry date drink?" - Kate Winick

The solution: Drink water all day to hydrate before a date night, and have a glass after each drink with your new partner. Then, when you can, smooth on a peel with AHAs and BHAs to brighten, exfoliate, and improve your skin's texture and tone.

6. New Prized Products

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Why:В "I found a new appreciation for men's products-men's five-blade razors and superior shaving accessories in general." - Lindsey Metrus, managing editor at Byrdie

(Victoria Hoff, our news editor, adds: "#DoubleStandard.")

The solution: Rejoice! There's nothing more exciting than finding a new, beloved product.

7. Ingrown Hairs

Fur Ingrown Concentrate $25Shop

Why:В "Let's be honest-the best part about being single is forgoing hair removal, but when I know someone is actually going to see me naked, I at least try to get back into a routine. I like to think of this as my skin rebelling against the patriarchy." - Kate WinickВ

The solution: Make sure you exfoliate the area once a week and pick up a (natural) ingrown concentrate to treat buildup. This one uses coconut oil, tea tree oil, and chamomile extract to soothe and clear pores.

8. Crazy Hair Tangles

Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush $15Shop

Why:В "Run your fingers through my hair ONE MORE TIME. I dare you." - Kate Winick

The solution: Stick a Tangle Teezer (it bends and flexes through each strand) in your bag for nights you know might get intimate. It's travel size and really easy on your ends-so no more snarls.

9. Beard Burn

Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream $80Shop

Why: "Second-day stubble is attractive…  until it gives you a red rash on your chin." - Katharine McEntee, editorial assistant at Byrdie

Solution: Slather a thick moisturizing cream on the irritation, and leave it on all night. This magical cream works wonders. (It also gets rid of blisters, burns, and wrinkles, FYI.)

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