Another Season, Another Nail Horoscope: Find the Spring Manicure for Your Sign

Is choosing how to paint your nails the most important decision you'll make today? Probably not. But that's just the appeal. And we're here to offer some inspiration by way of the stars.

For some mysterious reason, we've always been kind of obsessed with catering our beauty habits to our zodiac signs. We've consulted astrologists to help us figure out what skincare regimen to use and even what workout routines to follow. And when brands come out with astrology-themed eye shadow or lipstick collections, we are all over it. But why?

Well, according to Rory Lula McMahan, resident diviner at Base Coat nail salon in Los Angeles, there's a reason we love modeling our looks after our signs. "By paying attention to your astrological style, there is no struggle to squeeze into an image or a fad. It is just about being your own true self all the time," she says. "Because who doesn't feel more confident when wearing the colors, symbols, and trends that are 100% you?" To McMahan, the explanation is simple: Catering your look to your astrological sign feels so good because it's personal. "And when it comes to beauty, authenticity always shines as the brightest star of all."

So this time, we're talking nail art. We asked McMahan to put together a minimalistic spring nail art horoscope for every astrological sign. McMahan created each of these designs personally and made sure they were basic enough that anyone could do them. Each of these designs requires just three materials: a black or white nail polish (depending on your personal design), an acrylic or water-based paint for the nail art design, and a fine-tipped art brush.

Make sure to let two coats of nail polish dry completely before applying your nail art. McMahan says that by using paints instead of nail polish, you can just use water to wipe off the image and start over if you make a mistake.

So without further ado, a minimalistic spring manicure for every sign of the zodiac…


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

"Watery Pisces may swim in the world of dreams, but they know how to get back up to the surface with real insight for the rest of us," says McMahan. That fluidity is the inspiration for this spiral design, which represents the Pisces's signature ebb and flow.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

Aquariuses are known to march to the beat of their own drum-but McMahan says that doesn't mean they have their head in the clouds; instead, Aquariuses have their "eyes on the galaxy." As McMahan says, "The future is at the Aquarius's fingertips, and she shines out pure vision from her place in the stars." Thus, the celestial design.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

Earth signs like Capricorns have a deep respect for form and order. "Ambition wielded well makes life better for everyone, and respect, when earned, can shape a beautifully stable world," says McMahan. For that reason, this meticulous geometric design suits nail art-loving Capricorns.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

This arrow design reminds the Sagittarius of her wanderlust and free spirit. "A thousand close friends in a thousand far-flung places is a way of life for this optimistic fire sign," says McMahan. "There is so much to explore-all that's needed is to take aim."


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

Ths Scorpio is famously mysterious, known for seeking truths that lie far below the surface. "Her soul knows the power of diving deep, and the secrets of the universe are her gorgeous domain," says McMahan. This inverted, negative space design represents that.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

This delicate, fine-lined design speaks to the idea that for Libras, life isn't simply about balance-it's about harmony. "These gracious air signs see both sides of every situation, and their gentle diplomacy is downright awe-inspiring," says McMahan.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

"Every detail matters to meticulous Virgo, which means it's going to get done right," says McMahan. "And the beauty of such divine order? Always being able to find exactly what you need." Ergo: This X-marks-the-spot manicure.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

This bright, outward-pointing mani symbolizes Leo's exuberant, open attitude. "Leo's lionheart has enough heat to power the whole project all by herself, but she much prefers the company of others," says McMahan. "Let her point the way-she is downright fun to follow."


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

The dots on this minimalistic mani are like one of Cancer's moods-strong, bold but not there for long. "These lunar beauties know that there is nothing wrong with going through a phase," comments McMahan. "After all, sometimes a little time in the dark brings out the fullest light."


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

Ah, yes, the two-sided Gemini. "Gemini proves that two heads are indeed better than one-and that the inquisitive joining of opposites is the brilliance that changes everything," says McMahan. So what better horoscope mani than this yin-yang-esque design?


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

This horns of a Taurus stand for strength and perseverance. "This earthy sign loves the bounty that comes from putting their head down and one foot in front of the other," says McMahan. The curve in this simple design represents the upward curve of those sacred horns.


Rory Lula McMahan/Base Coat

Ask any Aries-nothing stops these fire signs. Diamond is their birthstone, and the sharp-edged shape is a perfect match for their unbreakable spirit.

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