5 Perfect Wedding Perfumes, According to Brides and Brides-to-Be


Because scents are so tied to memory, it's only natural you'd want a good one for your wedding day-cue the anxiety. Should you wear your signature fragrance to keep things simple? Or try something new to keep things feeling fresh and special? Fragrance is so deeply personal, there isn't just one right answer. So instead of advising you to do one or the other, I reached out to a few women (either hitched or engaged) for what they decided to do.

Below, find the fragrances they wore (or plan to wear) when they walked down the aisle and how they made the decision to do so.


ChloГ© Eau de Parfum $180Shop

"For my upcoming wedding-day beauty, I don't plan to do much experimentation. It's such a high-stakes day (wedding photographers are thousands of dollars, so those pictures better come out good!) that I don't want to mess around trying too many new things at risk of anything going sour. This includes my fragrance: Not only do I want to wear something I know and love so I'm not turning off guests with each hug I give, but more importantly, I want to wear something that's inherently me.

"My boyfriend (unpopular opinion: I hate the word fiancГ©) knows my scent, and our wedding day should be one that represents who we are, not versions we're trying to create to impress our guests. Therefore, I plan to wear my go-to, ChloГ© Eau de Parfum. It's sweet but in a refreshing, not overly powerful way with its notes of peony and honey and just a touch musky. It matches my personality quite well, and I want that authenticity to shine through when we finally have our big party."


Stella McCartney Stella $96Shop

"I've been wearing the same perfume (Stella by Stella McCartney) for about 10 years now. I love it because it smells less like a perfume and more like rose water. It was really important to me to feel like myself on my wedding day, so, like many other parts of my beauty routine, I kept my fragrance the same too."


Monk Oil Palo Santo Skin Potion $56Shop

"My husband and I got married in the backyard of our Bed-Stuy brownstone, and I wore Monk Oil's Palo Santo Skin Potion ($56). I've been seeing my aesthetician, Hillery Sklar, for five years, and just before my wedding, she started using the Monk Oil potion at the end of our facials as something to inhale before we stretched. I found the smell so grounding and simple and clean that I started ordering the oil and wearing it as an everyday perfume.

"Because our low-key wedding was in our backyard and I knew I'd be hugging all of our guests, I wanted something subtle and not overpowering to wear on the day. Plus the oil made me feel calm, and we breezed through the day without a hitch."


Byredo Bal d'Afrique Eau de Parfum $150Shop

"Truthfully, I wish I could share a special story behind my wedding scent that has meaning, but I'm a creature of habit, and on my day, I made sure to stick with my usual routine! So it was a no-brainer-I used my evening scent, the same one I have been using the last five-plus years, Bal d'Afrique by Byredo. And then,В of course, I slathered myself in Rodin Crema because the smell calms me and makes my skin so soft."


ChloГ© Eau de Parfum $180Shop

"At the time of my wedding, I had worked on fragrances for just over eight months. During that time, I had experimented with so many different scents-and loved them all for different reasons and occasions. However, ChloГ© always stood out as a classic, an effortlessly chic feminine scent that I truly believed would stand the test of time. I think that's why I felt like it was the perfect scent to wear on my wedding day. I wanted to know that it would be around forever, and I could always reminiscence about my wedding day.

"Since it launched, ChloГ© has often been heralded as a perfect bridal perfume, and I completely understand why. The bottle has such special details, a light, creamy-beige hand-tied bow and details of real silver that tarnish like a beautiful vintage silver tray. Plus, the rose-based scent feels so feminine and classic, which is exactly what I wanted for my wedding day. The scent itself is also incredibly well-liked, so I felt confident knowing that I was wearing something that not only made me happy but that I knew my soon-to-be husband and guests would like as well."


Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum $100Shop

"In my early 20s, Chanel Chance Eau de ParfumВ became my very first 'signature' scent. It made me feel like my most confident self after a tough few years of soul-searching, so there was zero question in my mind that I would wear it on my wedding day. Five years later, I've moved on to more complex scents for my day-to-day, but I love revisiting Chance for special occasions. It's sweet, romantic, and dependable."