7 Coconut Oil Hair Masks for Hydrated, Silky Strands

Coconut oil has a lot of benefits. From moisturizing our skin to helping burn fat, one ofВ the best parts about coconut oil is the good it does for our hair. See, we put our hair through a lot. We style it with hot tools. We go back and forth between washing it every other day to washing it every single day. We test a lot of products. We shouldn't even really be blamed for this one, but depending where we live, the weather can even do a number on it. This is where hair masks come in.В

We've rounded up seven coconut oil hair masks we like to use to restore our hair to its natural healthy state.В Scroll through to see ourВ favorite hair masks with coconut oil.В

Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Hair Mask $15Shop

This mask uses coconut to infuse even the driest hair with much-needed moisture.В

Nexxus New York Salon Care Vitall 8-in-1 Coconut & Protein Complex Rejuvenating Masque $3Shop

Coconut oil, soybean oil, and keratin are the main ingredients in this mask that revitalizes hair, taking it from damaged to hydrated and soft. It infuses fiber into each strand and gives your hair great shine.В

St. Tropica Coconut Oil Hair Mask 3-Pack $15Shop

This hair mask is organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. It will stimulate hair growth and strengthen already damaged hair to get it back to its healthy state.В

Garnier Hydrating Hair Care with Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Extracts $7Shop

Hair masks can get heavy; sometimes they try to pack in too much into one product, and it weighs down our hair. Which is why we love this hair mask-it does the complete opposite. It feels really light on our hairВ but still delivers intense moisture.В

Sephora Collection Hair Sleeping Mask Coconut $5Shop

Sleep masks aren't just for your skin. This overnight mask uses coconut oil to repair any damage and protect your hair from future frizz.В

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie $9Shop

For curly hair, this is a great mask to use to fight against frizz. The coconut oil hydrates the hair and reduces breakage while the neem oil controls the frizz and adds shine.В

Pacifica Coconut Pro Strong & Long Creamy Oil Mask $16Shop

One of our favorite all-natural brands gives us this incredible hair mask made of coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and rice oil. It not only does it protect from damage, but it alsoВ maintains color in dyed hair.

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