3 On-the-Go Workouts You Can Do While Traveling

While we're devoted to daily workoutsВ during the rest of the year, the holiday season tends to totally annihilate our routines-we skip the gym, the treadmill collects dust, and we don't make the most stellar food choices either. (Drive-thru-why not?) But with just a couple of tweaks, you can keep your fitness regimen on track, whether you're traveling cross-country to stay with family orВ exploring a new city with your S.O.

So to make this hectic time of year a little healthier, we've rounded up our favorite on-the-go workouts you can do with little or no equipment, along with outfits to complement them. Sadly, we can't add extra hours to your day, but to keep you on schedule while you're squeezing in a sweat session, we've shared a chic G-Shock watch that works with each look (and will conveniently count those steps as you wander the neighborhood to look at holiday lights). You can even set it to give you a little reminder to get active.

So keep scrolling for three totally doable, on-the-go workouts that'll help keep you toned (and slightly less stressed) this holiday season.

Crush Calories With Dance Cardio

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Yes, cardio makes us feel a little less guilty about indulging in some of our favorite holiday-centric foods, but there's just one problem: We hate cardio. Enter The Fitness Marshall, aka Caleb Marshall. His easy-to-follow YouTube dance videos have garnered a cult following for their kick-ass choreography set to the latest pop hits.

So escape to the guesthouse for a half-hour dance party filled with booty pops, hair flips, and body rolls. Gear up in a cozy cropped hoodie layered over a fitted, supportive crop top-and expect to toss it off since you'll break a sweat in no time. Opt for performance leggings that move with every endorphin-pumping jump and lightweight sneakers with support and traction for those twists and turns.

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Get Your Namaste On With YogaGlo

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When everyone's home for the holidays and you need serenity now, retreat to your old bedroom with a yoga mat and queue up YogaGlo. This streaming yoga and meditation app offers thousands of classes led by renowned instructors and lets you choose a workout based on practice type, time, body part-even your current mood.

Keep it covered through every stretch, twist, and bend with a cotton mesh tank and a super-soft racerback bra. Add performance leggings in a bright pop of color to boost your mood and provide opaque coverage (just in case unexpected visitors barge in during your Downward Dog).

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Try P.Volve for a Lean Physique

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NYC-based trainer Stephen Pasterino's low-impact workouts combine light strength training, physical therapy, and targeted stretching to elongate your shape and minimize bulk. Doesn't that sound simple? Well, get ready to work-this method leaves no muscle in the body untouched. And you can burn off that extra slice of pie right in your hotel room with P.volve's streaming workouts.

Since the exercises are slow and controlled, opt for form-fitting performance wear that hugs your curves. Lace-up lightweight sneakers with a flexible fit and proper support, and don't forget a headband to keep hair away from your face while focusing on those killer leg sequences. Although P.volve offers workouts that require no equipment, props like gliders, ankle bands, and light ankle weights are totally packable to torch those extra calories.

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Confession: ourВ smartwatch addiction is occasionallyВ more about the lookВ than our fitnessВ goals-visit gshock.com/s_series to see all the other styles we're coveting.