This One Product Gave These Editors Their Glowiest Skin Ever


Hannah Almassi on holiday and wearing her beloved Tan Luxe oil.

When it comes to tanning, we're not at all opposed to dosing our body in self-tan so that come morning, we're all kinds of glowy. Call us precious, but we'd rather spend the time applying a product than sitting in the sun for hours (also, since we live in the UK, sunny weather is hard to come by). We've tried and tested bottle after bottle of self-tanners, but one has reigned supreme time and time again. Yes, we're talking about Tan-Luxe's Self Tanning Drops, of course. Keep scrolling to see what three editors had to say about it.

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"I first picked up on the power of Tan-Luxe's oil when I was obsessing over a friend's skin at a breakfast," says says Hannah Almassi, editorial director at Who What Wear UK. "She always has lovely looking skin, but it looked particularly glowy and with a subtle tan. She told me it was all down to this simple oil. All you do is pop a couple of drops of it into your moisturiser or serum in the morning.

I was on board straight away and am still using it months later. It's not an obvious self-tanned effect (sometimes you barely notice it on yourself), so I was surprised when so many of my peers at fashion week told me how healthy and good I was looking. I credit it all to the oil, as little else has changed with my diet, skincare routine or fitness. And no, it doesn't smell biscuity!"

And she's not the only editor who swears by Tan-Luxe, see below.

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"The Tan-Luxe Tanning Water is totally foolproof. I know because I used it a few weeks back at midnight before a early morning flight to Greece. I'd already exfoliated earlier that day, so I simply misted some on and buffed it in with my tanning mitt. I showered a few hours later (told you it was an early flight), and there was not a streak in sight. The colour also looked totally real. Hooked." - Amy Lawrenson, Editorial Director Byrdie UK

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"I'm an avid fake tanner, but I also get dry skin (especially on my legs), which fake tan only makes worse. These drops have more of an oil consistency, so they really nourish your skin whilst you tan, meaning you wake up bronzed and hydrated. Plus, they don't stain your sheets. Win-win." - Chloe Burcham, freelance beauty editor