I Never Thought I'd Have Perfect Eyebrows, Until I Tried This Technique

Even as a beauty writer with approximately seven billion products at my disposal, there are still some "issues" I can't fix. I'm talking about my eyebrows. Much to my disappointment, I was not blessed withВ Cara-esque arches that are bold, fluffy, and satisfyingly full. At the risk of sounding vain, I would describe my brows as thick until about half way, where they taper off as sparse, and gap-filled. To support my story, a former eyebrow technician I used to visit insisted my "bald patch" was due to scarring (it's not). Of course, I fill them in meticulously with powders and pencils on a daily basis, but boy does it get tiresome. I'm too scared to commit to tattooing, so I decided to seek out further options.В

EnterВ Amy Jean (or AJ, as the in-the-know refer to her). If you're slightly interested in eyebrows, you might already follow her incredible transformation pictures on Instagram. If not, I'll give it to you fast: AJ is one of the best. About two weeks ago, I visited Jean's beautiful Sydney salon for a "Henna Brow"В sculpting treatment. And for those wondering if it resembles the reddish-brown henna dye-job you gave yourself when you were 15, it doesn't.В

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TheВ Henna Sculpt appointment includes shaping with either wax or tweezers, and the tint. The henna comes in a range of colours, and is a vegan alternative to regular tint. Jean explained to me that while traditional tinting stains the actual hair, henna has the ability to gently stain the skin beneath-perfect for those suffering from bald patches (me).

It's applied like any tint, and while I looked like a cartoon character during the treatment, afterwards revealed a groomed brow shape I never knew I had. On dry skin, the tint supposedly lasts around four to five weeks, whereas on oily skin, like mine, two weeks is more accurate. I'm extremely oily, and I can confidently say it lasted the full 14 days. And get this-I didn't use any brow product for the first ten days. I swear it's true.В

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Yep, you'd never guess I wasn't blessed with the best (eyebrows), would you? Jean really is magic.В

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