I Swear This Probiotic Supplement Keeps My Skin Clear and Stomach Happy


With Christmas only weeks away, I'm officially prepping my body for all of the food and drink that will be consumed. Of course, I live by the philosophy, "everything in moderation", so don't mind indulging in a plate of summer berry trifle, but it's nice to incorporate a few wellness practices into the holiday period so I still feel like myself (especially when my diet is a little out of whack).В

For this reason, I thought it a great opportunity to round out some of my favourite supplements so you too can keep a handle on your health over the holidays. From probiotics to Champagne alternatives, it's all here. Keep scrolling to shop.В

The Beauty Chef Glow Powder $60Shop

If you only do one thing over the summer period, make it a teaspoon of Glow powder in a glass of water first thing every morning. I swear without it, my stomach and digestion isn't as settled, my skin isn't as clear, and I drink less water. It's loaded with probiotics and fermented super foods to not only load up your gut on good bacteria, but to nourish and feed the ones that already live there.В

Cilk Rose Extract $79Shop

Not a huge drinker and find it tough come Christmas? This rosewater extract is the perfect alternative. Add it to sparkling water in a Champagne flute for a fragrant, sweet, pink-tinged beverage minus the calories. Alternatively, it makes a great addition to champagne (we're not judging).В

Edible Beauty Rose and Pu-erh Tea $27Shop

In the week leading up to Christmas, I love nothing more than a shot of Bailey's in eggnog. But from Boxing Day on wards, the only real thing I can handle is a soothing tea before bed. This is a fermented black blend, and is known for its cleaning and digestive-boosting qualities. And no, before you ask, it doesn't work as a slimming tea. Rather it gently de-bloats.В

Welleco The Super Elixir $85Shop

Aside from Glow powder, this is my other go-to supplement for general wellbeing. It essentially contains a stack of alkalising ingredients to assist with boosting energy, and tackling inflammation. It is super palatable too, considering the vivid green colour.В

Kora Organics Noni Glow Superfood $20Shop

If you're packing up and heading away for the holidays, these Kora sachets are perfect. They contain brand founder Miranda Kerr's favourite ingredient, Noni fruit, as well as acai and blueberry to flood the body with antioxidants. Miranda herself actually once told me she drinks it with champagne if she wants a treat. Well,В cheers to that.В

The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder $50Shop

After all of the partying, you'll definitely need some shut eye. I swear by this this fermented turmeric powder in warm almond milk before bed. It also contains lemon balm and passionflower, which are known for their ability to induce sleep and reduce restlessness.В

Welleco Nourishing Protein $59Shop

Sometimes, I prefer to opt out of breakfast during summer and sub in a smoothie instead (to leave room for other delectables, like pavlova). It's best though to ensure your smoothie has a blend of protein, fats, and fibreВ so it's actually satiating, and not just a fruit-filled sugar bomb. I love a scoop of this plant protein, a little almond butter, a handful of spinach, chia seeds, and almond milk. Add half a frozen banana if you need more sweetness.В