Rosie HW's Colorist Says This Is the #1 Blonde Shade for Summer

Going blonde (or blonder) is a slippery slope: On the upside, there's something incredibly mood-lifting about lifting your current color to something brighter. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, the bleaching process is trying on our strands. That's not to say we'll stop pursuing our most flaxen of hues, though-we just need some products that will stave off brassiness and strengthen our hair so we can continue our blonde journey sans breakage and yellow tones.

To find out exactly how to truly have more fun as a blonde, we turned to color connoisseur and Moroccanoil celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard. She's got an impressive Hollywood blonde roster including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Richie, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Jennifer Lawrence, and our very own co-founder and chief ideation officer, Hillary Kerr. Below, find her celebrity-worthy blonde tips.

How do you prevent the dreaded brassy blonde?

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"People are often unaware of the environmental effects on hair, especially colored hair," says Goddard. "Oxidation-a reaction that affects hair color pigment when hair is exposed to UV rays-can especially cause hair color to lose vibrancy and appear brassy. Using Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent SprayВ as a daily leave-in conditioner will help protect hair from oxidation by absorbing damaging UV rays, preventing color fade and brassiness."

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If your hair is very light blonde, how often should you schedule a touch-up appointment?

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"It depends on the natural hair color," says Goddard. "If they are a natural blonde and they're looking for highlights, usually it's about six weeks to three months. If your hair is darker, then it would be a little more regular. It also depends if you are doing a bleached blonde, platinum, and that definitely is about four to six weeks minimum."

What if your hair keeps breaking no matter what you do? What's wrong?

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"If your hair keeps breaking, then your hair is likely suffering from mechanical and damage, which means they are prone to breakage," says Goddard. "Hair damage is inevitable due to use of heat tools, daily brushing, and even environmental elements such as UV and oxidation. Moroccanoil Color Complete Shampoo and Conditioner also features ArganID. Harnessing the power of ionic attraction, this advanced technology infuses argan oil deep into the cortex helping to repair and seal the hair." (For another option, Byrdie's resident bright blonde, Erin Jahns, depends on R+Co Sunset Blvd Blonde Shampoo.)

Continues Goddard, "There are countless sources of environmental damage that you encounter daily, so using a regimen that continuously cares for your hair's health is vital to keeping your hair strong."

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Some blondes find that their hair "won't grow.". What can you do to help it grow long and strong while maintaining the light blonde color?

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"In order for the hair to grow, the most important thing to do is to pay attention to the internal and nourish from the inside," encourages Goddard. "I love Sea Buckthorn Oil. It's a natural herb, and it really helps grow the hair strong."

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Which treatments do your blonde celebrity clients come in for?

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"Whether on the red carpet, for a new role, or just for everyday, my blonde celebrity clients usually come in for highlights or base services, such as going platinum," says Goddard.

What's going to be the It shade of blonde this summer?

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"We're moving into a bit more of solids and softer colors," says Goddard. "It's a variation of nature, so layering in pigments such as mauve over a blonde to make it a golden copper. My favorite variation is soft strawberry blonde with warmer vanilla pieces."

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