A Day in the Life of Brazilian Supermodel Gizele Oliveira

Modeling can be a really tough gig. Regardless of the way it looks on Instagram-the glamour, free clothes, and after-parties-it's still a profession where your physical attributes are part of the equation, and, thus, employers can critique them. As such, models have to develop thick skin and employ the use of their own self-care practices to quiet the noise.

Just ask model Gizele Oliveira, a stunning Brazilian who's walked in some of the most sought-after shows on the planet. We recently sat down and discussed her morning routine, the foods that make her feel good, the casting process, and her fitness philosophy. Truth be told, it felt more akin to chatting with a friend than a model, as we bonded over our less-than-frequent homemade meals and a love for Italian food.

On the First Thing She Does in the Morning

"The first thing I do when I wake up is take a shower and prepare for my day. I usually work out in the morning-I'm the type of person who feels a bit sick if I eat before working out, so I work out and then have a yummy breakfast."

On Her Fitness Philosophy

"I try to work out at least four to five days a week, and a few days before a show, I try to work out every day. I trained extra hard in the lead-up to the Victoria's Secret show, even sharing a few of my go-to moves on Instagram. I always try to make working out as fun as possible; I listen to good music, and I even bring my cute pup, Bieber, with me."

On the Food That Makes Her Body Feel Good

"When it comes to food, I'm not much of a chef in the kitchen. But once in a while, I'll try out a recipe. You will usually find me eating yummy Brazilian food, Peruvian, Italian, or Japanese."

On Quieting Anxiety

"I'm usually a really calm person, but if I feel a little nervous, drinking water always helps me. Mostly, I like to chill and have a laugh with those I'm around, whether it's on set, backstage, or at home."

"The casting for the show is the hardest part for me. Incredible girls from all over the world come to New York to do the casting, and they're all so beautiful. They work really hard to be there just like me, so there's a lot of competition. But all you need to do is show you're prepared, do your best catwalk pose, and let your personality shine through. If you've done all you can, what's meant to be will be."

On the Days Leading up to a Show

"In the lead-up to the Victoria's Secret show, I really try hard to be the healthiest version of myself inside and out. Sadly that means cutting out foods like pasta, bread, and pizza. I also increase the intensity and frequency of my workouts, and I try to stay calm by doing relaxing things with friends, watching movies, and hanging out at the park or my local coffee shop."