6 Makeup Storage Tips From a Professional Organizer

Call it the Marie Kondo effect, or just the spring-cleaning bug, but lately we've been itching to organize. As Kondo says, a well-organized and tidy space can do wonders for your emotional well-being-and what better place to start than your makeup collection? Instead of reading up on secondhand information via the abyss of the Internet, we went straight to a reliable source: a professional organizer named Tova Weinstock, founder of Tidy Tova. Trust us, even the messiest makeup hoarder will learn a tip (or two). Ready to organize?В Keep scrolling to spring clean your makeup collection!

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The Makeup Minimalist

If your makeup collection consists of less than ten products, congrats-you're a makeup minimalist, and organizing will be easy for you. “For smaller collections, I recommend keeping everything contained in one vessel,” Tidy Tova says. She says to store everything in a makeup bag or even tin can-this way, you'll know exactly where everything is and your makeup will stay tidy.


The Makeup Maximalist

So, you're kind of obsessed with makeup-and your bathroom counter shows it. We feel you. Luckily, Weinstock has a plan of attack. “Pull out the products that you use every day and keep them together, either in a makeup bag, in a clear bin, or on an accessible shelf in your medicine cabinet,” she says. “The rest of the products should be organized and stored by category.” Makeup organizer can get pricey (see: the industry-favorite Sherrieblossom Icebox Skinny, $415), but Tidy Tova says they're a worthy investment. (Muji Acrylic Case 5 Drawers, $75, is perfect for eye shadows and compacts, and CosmoCube Posh Makeup Organizer, $185, has drawers of varying sizes for all your needs).

You can also organize your makeup by occasion. For example, you can store going-out makeup in one box, daytime makeup in other, etc.


The Lipstick Rule

How many times have you pulled out a thousand lipsticks before finding the shade you're looking for… only to be left with lipsticks littered across your bathroom counter? (Hear, hear!) Tidy Tova says that you can fix this problem easily by storing lipsticks with the color tag facing up. “An old jewelry box can be a great container for storing lipsticks in this way,” she shares.

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Separate Your Brushes

The easiest way to store your brushes is to place them in a glass jar or cup (or, if you're really hip, an empty Diptyque Baies Candle, $32). Store them brush side up (obviously), and make sure to keep them away from your makeup products to keep them from getting dusty or dirty so quickly.


Try a Pouch

If you order makeup online, sometimes brands will deliver your goods in a clear, plastic, bubble-wrap material pouch. Do not throw these pouches away. Instead, Tidy Tova says you can use these pouches to store your single eye shadow quads. “A clear plastic pouch works wonderfully for smaller, loose items like ey shadow quads,” she says. “When organizing, always try to invest in clear containers so you can easily see what's inside.” She thinks pouches are ideal for smaller items, because you can easily sift (and see) through them.

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The Number One Rule

The most important thing to remember when organizing your makeup?Frequency of use. “It's important to categorize your makeup based on how often you use it and to keep the products that you use more often super accessible,” Tidy Tova Weinstock explains. Then, periodically go through the products in the pile that you don't use as much and clear things out. “Women collect so much makeup and don't realize that there expiration dates attached to all of them,” she says. “Keeping your collection down to the products that you love and use will simplify your morning routine.”

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